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  Dream Land Brazil - Siriu Sand Dunes behind Garapaba, which hosts snad boarding in certain parts.


About The Area

Location of Enchanted Valley Project Area

The nearest town is Garopaba, and its closest city is Florianopolis with its international airport, soon to be only a 45 minute drive at most.

Located in Santa Caterina State, Garopaba is currently an hour and a half drive from the airport in Florianopolis (the State capital). The main arterial road BR101 is currently being widened from a 2-lane blacktop to a 4-lane motorway; due to be finished in 2010, the journey time will be halved making the area more accessible and consequently more desirable

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We suggest that you do a search for any of the beaches names on this page, for articles reviews and photos, but here are a couple of the ones we found:

The Surrounding Areas

Praia do Rosa :

Nearby Praia do Rosa was recently voted the best beach in Brazil, the area has a real buzz about it, with a number of plush small hotels beach bars/restaurants, and cool nightlife hangouts it is also the country’s hippest surfing destination. Praia da Rosa is possibly the hippest beach on the Santa Catarina coastline. The beach is a beautiful sweeping bay with pumping surf framed by thickly forested hills, and frequented by South America’s beautiful and elite.

The area is also the location of Brazil's first Whale Sanctuary, Projeto Baleia Franca, a breeding ground for Right Whales from June to October. Nearby Imbituba whaling station is being converted by the Brazilian government into a museum of whaling conservation, and the area is set to experience a boom in whale-watching tourism. The area is surrounded by nature reserves and important, stable ecological areas that help create a beautiful retreat from the possible onslaught of civilization. An Eco Park is currently being set up in Praia da Rosa that will be a forum and education centre for Global ecological awareness. All of these factors indicate the general area is an ideal eco-tourist destination. An interesting article on the area: View Article.

Florianapolis :

Florianapolis (also known as Floripa) is the capital city of Santa Catarina State. It is comprised of one main island, the Island of Santa Catarina, one continental part and the surrounding small isles. It has a population of 406,564 (2006 - IBGE). Its metropolitan area has a population of over 800,000 inhabitants. It is the nearest large city to the Enchanted Valley.

Smaller islands with forts, which protected ships in the 17th century, surround it. Most of the population lives on the island's northern half. The southern half is more isolated and less developed. Although originally settled by the Portuguese (from the Archipelago of Azores), the city has a strong German and Italian influence, like the rest of the state. Florianapolis is a popular destination for South American tourists, due to the numerous sporting and leisure activities centereed around it's white sand beaches. At night there is no shortage of world class restaurants, bars and clubs.

Florianapolis has an airport that will be only a 30 minute drive to the Enchanted Valley once the widening of the BR101 highway is completed. This road, one of the main arterial roads of Brazil, is currently being upgraded from a 2-lane blacktop to a 4-lane motorway. This will have a huge positive effect on the accessibility of the Enchanted Valley and the surrounding area.

Garopaba :

Located on the South coast of the State of Santa Catarina, Garopaba is the nearest town to the Enchanted Valley ( 8km using the existing roads less if we create a back route). Garopbait is a fully functional town with impressive infra structure while still maintaining it's charm..Garopaba district has 8 stunning beaches, each offering unique qualities and attractions. During the 1970's, foreigners carrying backpacks and tents discovered this then-small fishing village, and started to lend the city a different air and colour.

Today Garopaba is a town that thanks to urban land legislation that outlaws the construction of any buildings higher than two storeys, still keeps the old characteristics of the original village. Blessed by nature with beauty, the city is ideal for eco-tourism and sports such as: surfing, windsurfing, hang gliding, paragliding, trekking and horse riding. For those who appreciate lively parties and lively night life, there are several bars and clubs in some of the neighbouring bays.

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Ferrugem and Barra :

Ferrugem and Barra are two adjoining beaches, and possibly the closest to the Enchanted Valley area. The road leading in to Ferrugem is full of nightlife hot spots, but the beach itself is a beautiful sweeping surf beach frequented by the younger hipper surf set. It is adjoined by Barra, which is altogether more sedate, although no less beautiful. Along the edge of the sand banks, elite houses nestle into the backdrop of trees and flowers cultivated in the gardens. Barra is joined by one of the sweet water lakes that is fed by the rivers of the Enchanted Valley. This estuary creates a perfect bathing place for children and sunbathers alike, and at sunset you can catch the locals with their crab nets harvesting in preparation to make the delicious regional crab soup.

Ferrugem is situated about 15 minutes for the Town of Garopaba. Barra has separate access and is closer to town, only 10 minutes from the Enchanted Valley. Recently voted the best beach in Brazil, Praia da Rosa is the latest hip beach on the Santa Catalina coastline. The beach, a beautiful sweeping bay with pumping surf framed by thickly forested hills, is frequented by South America's beautiful and elite. Another claim to fame is whale-watching: it's the location of Brazil's first Whale Sanctuary, Projeto Baleia Franca, a breeding ground for Right Whales from June to October.


Ouviedor is another beautiful beach that is highly popular with the local residents and fishermen; it also has facilities, i.e. it is not that secluded, but is a great beach to learn to surf! It is 15 minutes from the Enchanted Valley.

Click here for features accounts of travellers to Ouvidor, Praia de Rosa and the surrounding areas.

There are many more areas of interest in the State of Santa Catarina, and indeed in the local jurisdiction of Garopaba. These include numerous waterfalls, and amazing areas of National Park, breathtaking beaches not with-standing. The beaches that have been mentioned are the closest to the area, however the area is a peninsula comprising of numerous sweeping bays the whole way around. (See map.) Especially worth noting is Guarda Da Embau, about 30 minutes from Garopaba. This beach can only be reached by crossing a lake (they have boat taxi's), but is one of the most spectacular beaches in Brazil.

Guarda do Embau is located within the National Park of Serra do Tabuleiro. This park is situated approximately 35 miles (50 kilometers) south of the capital island of Santa Catarina state, Florianopolis.

The Iguassu waterfalls are totally spectacular, comprising 265 falls including the highest fall of 90 meters. Iguassu National Park is a World Heritage site, and Itaipu, the world's biggest Hydroelectric dam. Check out - the website for Iguassu Falls, and Iguassu National Park. The Iguassu falls in to the wonders of the world, and is an hours flight from Florianopolis, providing yet another compelling reason to visit this area of Brazil.

Events of Interest :

From July to November, Garopaba's coastline receives very special visitors: The Right whales (Eubalena Australis). These immense mammals, which may measure up to 15 metres long, and weigh approximately 40 tons, come to Garopaba in search of shallower and hotter waters to breed and feed their calves.

Usually, it is possible to see mothers with their calves swimming close to the coast, acrobatically jumping and showing their fins. Right whales were hunted until 1973 when the last whale hunt station located in the city of Imbituba, Santa Catarina, closed its doors. In September 2000, the Right Whale Environmental Protection Area (APA) was created in the Southern tip of Santa Catarina’s coastline. APA was created with the basic aim of protecting right whales and to ensure the rational use of the regions natural resources. SURF COMPETITIONS: National and international surfing competitions are held on Ferrugem and other surrounding beaches in the area.

Social Background:

Santa Catarina was settled primarily in the 19th century by German and Italian immigrants, who mostly owned small, family-run farms. This European model of land use led to a far more equal distribution of wealth than in most of Brazil. Today many of the states million inhabitants still own their own rich farmland. Combined with some healthy local light industry, this has created one of Brazil’s most prosperous states.

The relative affluence of Santa Catarina and its efficient services give it the benefits of Europe rather than Brazil. Its highlands are green and pastoral, though if they are in some ways reminiscent of Switzerland it is less because of geography than middle-class consumer-ism. But it is the beaches, rather than the culture, that draw most of the tourists.

Many of Santa Catarina’s beaches have become favoured vacation spots among wealthy Brazilians and Argentineans. (As can be seen from the map, Santa Catarina is close to Argentina. Argentineans currently make up the majority of foreign tourists in the area, and the continuing economic recovery in Argentina is sure to swell their numbers.) The beach resorts of Santa Catarina are also frequented by Porto Allegrians, an affluent City about 3 hours drive from Garopaba. Porto Allegre has no beaches, and many of them have holiday homes along the SC coastline.

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