View over the plots at the Enchanted Valley Project
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  Dream Land Brazil - Siriu Sand Dunes behind Garapaba, which hosts snad boarding in certain parts.




  • Email with any further questions you may have.

  • If you can come and have a look at the property, if this is not an option choose an available area based on the land map, plus we will send you extensive photos and inventory of the individual areas remotely, to assist you in choosing.

  • Once a choice is made, send letter of intent.

  • A contract will be drawn up in your name(s) stating topographically with coordinates the area you are buying and the time frame for payment (which will be agreed individually).

  • The contract will be sent you for approval then signed and authenticated at the public notary, a scanned copy will be sent via email.

  • Transfer funds to Vendors account.

  • Upon receipt of funds, and with any contractual agreements satisfied by both parties you will receive full confirmation of legal ownership and final purchase of your land. ( the deeds)

  • All of this is done through registered real estate agents and lawyers. (For references : please refer to “Meet the team”, where the registration numbers, links and biographies can be found).

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