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  Dream Land Brazil - Siriu Sand Dunes behind Garapaba, which hosts snad boarding in certain parts.



PRICING STRUCTURE and Descriptions for Scale Map above.

A to F = 3 hectares, 300mx102m. These areas have the advantage of fantastic 200 degree views over the top of the valley to the sea (please press on the dots on the map for an idea). There are numerous plateaus within the preserves area which are currently being farmed, meaning that they can be used sensitively for a house. These areas all have some level of spring or stream, and also have a higher proportion of preservation area meaning beautiful forest, but all have more than adequate plateau areas for building.
ASSETS: Sea views, virgin forest, backing on to preservation area, water.
PRICE R$ 150,000.
  Lot E = SOLD. Lots B, D and F = Reserved.

G - I = 2 hectares, 100mx204m. These areas have the benefit of being easily accessible and mainly flat/ slight incline. The view is to the east which is the rich virgin canopy of the valley, and south down the valley to the sea. These areas have been mostly farmed and have secondary growth, ideal for some reforestation although it also means that there is minimal restriction on choice if where to build. All of these areas have at least one stream running through them.
ASSETS: Easy access, level land, beautiful views, water.
PRICE R$ 120,000.
  Lot I = Reserved.

J & K = 4 hectares, 200mx204m. These areas are right in the centre of the valley and are currently mainly pasture, with some spectacular hidden gems in the forested areas, allot of the water for the area runs through these areas to the main river which also makes an appearance in both of these lots. The main views are the stunning views south to the sea and the dunes. Access is easy as all of the main arteries go through these lots.
ASSETS: Stunning views, stand alone majestic trees, water/main river, easy access, mainly flat pastoral terrain.
PRICE R$ 330,000.
 Lots J and K SOLD.

L = Area earmarked for communal area.

M = 2 hectares, 200mx102m. This is a privileged area, in terms of access and views. It is also right on the periphery of one of the most beautiful river pools which will be more than adequate for swimming. The area itself is mixed terrain as it had some interesting gullies with enormous granites left there in the ice age, and also some beautiful pasture, gently sloping south toward the fantastic sea and mountain views.
ASSETS: Lovely river and river pool, easy access, stunning views, interesting features.
PRICE: R$ 165,000.

N- S = This is the side that we ourselves have bought. The views can be a little more limited, but there is still an amazing feeling of openness, and it is possible to see the sea and sand dunes to the south. The forest backing on to these plots is generally untouched and absolutely stunning, a real asset to the whole valley. There are paths up through the Forest, and there is no restriction on creating tree houses or utilising existing clearings. The main river runs through most of these areas, but all have water. N is the only one with less access to the main flow, but this is made up for by views! The terrain here has some flat but mainly gentle and steep inclines, as the forest runs up to the top of the valley to the east of the river.
ASSETS: Main river with lovely views, very accessible, incredible forest. Longest afternoon sun exposure in valley.
PRICE: R$ 100,000.
 Lots Q, R and S reserved.

T & U = 2.2 hectares (average). These are exceptional areas, which although they are on the top of the hill have already been used for farming, so are a mixture of primary forest and secondary growth. There is a small water reserve/pond on top of "T", which may make for good swimming. The advantage of this area is of course that from the top of the hill you have approx 260 degrees of ocean views.... spectacular on a good day as you would be able to see all of the islands north to Florianopolis, and south to Imbituba. Another view not to be forgotten from this ridge is the sunrise and moonrise!!! The downside of this area would be its complete exposure to the wind, so building on the very top would not be advised! This land is mainly on a hill with intermittent plateaus. Access may be easier achieved by exiting the valley land and coming in from the north (unless it was bought together with the lot in front N/O.
ASSETS: Exceptional views, springs and a large pond/lake. fantastic forest, certain seclusion!! The most hours of sunlight in the valley.
PRICE: R$ 120,000.

Reserved = £1000 deposits held on these plots: not 100% sure (as area may change on viewing).


Additional costs

Each individual will share the infra-structural costs, which will be broken down online shortly. For Year 1 & 2 - the estimated cost of roads, essential infra structure and basic communal developement will be approximately £2000 per area. Thereafter communal maintenance will be charged at about £400 per annum.

Communal maintanence includes, basic road maintenance, communal areas and pathway clearing, upkeep of all communal property and security.

15% fee for the Dreamland team to execute the deal, this includes:-

- The finding and negotiation of the land.
- Assistance throughout the process (should take 2-3 weeks).
- Topographical map of each area.
- Lawyers’ checks and drawing up of individual inventories and contracts.
- Management of development and implementation of infrastructure (Main access         road, communal electricity fencing, initial sensitive clearing of the land, etc during         year 1 & 2).

What we are doing is purchasing a diamond in the rough, which means the exponential growth of the value of the land compared to pre-developed sites is much higher. The project offers not only an amazing place to live/second home, but a rental income and most importantly the opportunity to develop a beautiful and conscientious project. Should you wish to sell, you will also see a substantial return, due to the value increase of the land through the sensitive developments that will occur.

A minimum of 50 - 100% appreciation is anticipated in year one based on previous projects and comparative land valuations.



  • Email with any further questions you may have.

  • If you can come and have a look at the property, if this is not an option choose an available area based on the land map, plus we will send you extensive photos and inventory of the individual areas remotely, to assist you in choosing.

  • Once a choice is made, send letter of intent.

  • A contract will be drawn up in your name(s) stating topographically with coordinates the area you are buying and the time frame for payment (which will be agreed individually).

  • The contract will be sent you for approval then signed and authenticated at the public notary, a scanned copy will be sent via email.

  • Transfer funds to Vendors account.

  • Upon receipt of funds, and with any contractual agreements satisfied by both parties you will receive full confirmation of legal ownership and final purchase of your land. ( the deeds)

  • All of this is done through registered real estate agents and lawyers. (For references : please refer to “Meet the team”, where the registration numbers, links and biographies can be found)

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