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  Dream Land Brazil - Siriu Sand Dunes behind Garapaba, which hosts snad boarding in certain parts.


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Brazil Facts

Brazil ranks 6th in the world favourite investment destinations.

Taxes on income 15%-27%.

Transaction costs 6% (urban) 10% (rural) – excluding legal fees.

No restrictions on foreign ownership.

2nd biggest tourist sector in Latin America 9 million by 2010.

500,000 extra visitors expected 2014 for the when Brazil will host world cup.

Massive investment in infra structure approx U$ 22 billion to be spent by 2014.

Brazil’s millionaire population increases by 46% in 2007.

2007-2008 showed a 30% increase in domestic mortgage market (boosting the property market).

Mortgages are expected to be available to non residents shortly.

A shortfall of 27 million properties expected over the next 15 years (will boost rental/sales market).

For 2009, survey respondents expressed a substantial preference for U.S. real estate, followed by properties in Germany, the U.K., China and Japan.  France dropped out of the top five targets for 2009. For future investments, India and Brazil were named the top two emerging markets

Brazil moved 10 places to replace China as the second best opportunity for capital appreciation behind the U.S.

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