View over the plots at the Enchanted Valley Project
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  Dream Land Brazil - Siriu Sand Dunes behind Garapaba, which hosts snad boarding in certain parts.



Dra. Maria Isabela C. Sahione : OAB/SC 19.282 B

Doctora Isabela (as she is known) is a highly respected lawyer in Garopaba.  She started her practice in Rio, but moved to Garopaba in order to offer a better quality of life for her young son.  Here she has made a name for herself as the most accomplished of real estate lawyers. Dra. Isabela also has experience with helping set up foreign companies within Brasil and achieving permanent or work visas for foreigners. Should you have any reservations about who you should use, she would be happy to supply some of the innumerable positive references from people whom she has advised.

Real Estate Curator
Clarisse Quaresma: CREC/SC 13073
The founder and of “Garopaba Land”, which offers its clients real estate assessment and expert appraisals, registered in CNAI – (which in English stands for “National Register of Real Estate Expert Appraisers”) and the COFECI – (which in English stands for “Federal Counsel of real Estate Agents”).
We at Dreamland work closely with this office as we have found them to be honest, straightforward and easy to work with.

Architect and Topographer
Goivani Azevedo Saciloto : CREA/RJ No. 89.1.00157-4/D    CREA/SC No. 069180-5

Architect Giovani Azevedo Saciloto, Graduated from the Federal University of Fluminense, Rio do Janeiro. His skills include general surveying and technical evaluations.  He designs and produces his architectural drawings using AutoCAD, in this programme he can produce 3D digital visualisations of house designs/projects set in their location.

Giovani specializes in auto sufficient architecture and incorporates native and rustic materials with modern design.  He pays close attention to the available natural resources.  Aware that the maintenance and production of water and energy in the present day are paramount; he is proficient in the incorporation of bio fuel generators, solar heating and biomass among the other techniques. Giovani has very efficient local teams and is able to handle every aspect of your construction, from landscaping to building. He has been on the Dreamland team for over 3 years and is invaluable to us as we hope he will be to you.

Founder and Coordinator
Natasha Monro - CNPJ n. 09.541.724-0001-17

Natasha is the founder and director of Terraplanagem Enchanted Valley Ltd, a Brazillian company (Reg:CNPJ n. 09.541.724-0001-17) set up to facilitate the developement of land bought through "Dream Land Brazil". 

Natasha is British born, but spent much of her childhood in Brazil and speaks Portuguese.  She and her husband James Monro have land in Encantada.  One day they began to dream about how wonderful it would be to be able to buy the whole valley behind them in order to preserve the natural beauty and resources of the area.  Hence, the concept of “The Enchanted Valley Project” was born. 

Natasha ran with the idea that it may be possible to do this by gathering some friends and setting out to create a haven in which nature and humans can co exist. The project has taken 18 months to reach the stage that it is now at.  All of the coordination and liaising between vendor, lawyers and other officials has been carried out by Natasha. Natasha is in a perfect position to oversee and facilitate, not only the purchase of the individual areas, but also to orchestrate and manage the infrastructural development.





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