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Dreamland Brazil - Background Information

Dream Land Brazil was initially set up to find like-minded people for the Enchanted Valley project, which relies on selling the land in the breathtaking “Enchanted Valley” to people that wish to safe guard it, as much as enjoy creating a beautiful environment in which to live. We have developed a model which offers the benefit of a great investment without compromising the ethical and environmental ethos which is central to the project. 

Read more about these projects in Enchanted Valley Phase I and Enchanted Valley Phase II.

We own land in "The Enchanted Valley" Santa Catarina, Brazil, which we are developing into a laid-back but upmarket spa. The local economy and tourism are both booming, and land values are rising rapidly. We need help from like-minded people to purchase the surrounding land to protect it from over development. Buy a plot build a house or two or sit on it and watch it grow in value as the integrity of the area is preserved. This in itself will help create higher prices of a luxury residential area eventually, and equally preserve the beautiful nature, forests and wildlife around us. 

Through the relationships we have built with the local farmers, and professionals who help in purchasing land, we are able to acquire land before it reaches the market. Invariably once the land reaches the hands of high street agents the asking price is bumped up to the perceived current market price. We have the opportunity in many instances to be fairer to the land owners while paying very little over their asking price. 

There are several plots scattered around the area available, but “first hand” plots are diminishing rapidly. We are particularly interested in buying and preserving our valley, “The Enchanted Valley”. Until now we have managed to secure 40 acres in the valley, on which we intend to build a few luxury (sensitively integrated) houses, and a small retreat/spa. The land behind ours "Enchanted Valley phase II"  is available, but is being sold in a large swathe of about 190 acres. We have put our name to the entire area and are selling it on to friends in minimum areas of approximately 5 acres / 2 hectares. A basic % commission is charged for any work we carry out seeing the purchase through and registering the land as this work can be time consuming. 

There is not as much land available as it may seem from the pictures. Only a short distance behind our valley starts the Serra do Tabuleiro which is a protected national park around 100,000 acres of lush "matta Atlantica". (Atlantic forest.). 

The rate for the hillside area varies from £1.50-£6.00 (R$4 - R$15) per square metre, depending on the numerous variables in land desirability view, natural water, electricity access and area.

Land in the various bays and beach fronts vary enormously in price from £5-£100 per metre², depending on view and location and primarily the bay, with "Silviera" being at the top end of the market. You will normally expect to pay 10% -20% in fees and added costs depending on the status of the land, although it may be considerably less if all the documentation is in order and the land is registered,all of this will be made clear on request.

The nearest town is Garopaba, and its closest city is Florianopolis with its international airport, soon to be only a 45 minute drive at most, as the main arterial road BR101 is currently being widened from a 2-lane blacktop to a 4-lane motorway. This will have a further hugely positive impact on tourism and property prices in the area, already a major tourist haven in one of the fastest-growing tourist destinations in the world.  Nearby Praia da Rosa was recently voted the best beach in Brazil.

See "About the Area" for more information on surrounding beaches and areas of interest.

For further informative articles about the area - view our Articles page.

Another factor in land appreciation is the local law of not being able to build above three storeys, this means that population must spread out not up! Although the a lot of the area looks lush and green as we would like it to stay, within 1 km of the valley starts the "Serra do Tabuleira", 90,000 hectares, (2081km²) of the biggest area of conservation in south Brazil. The Serra do Tabuleiro is not only a source of wonderment it is also reassuring that our surrounding area will be preserved. This should also affect the land value as there is not as much available land as would appear.

There are no restrictions on foreign ownership of land but to have a businesses in Brazil you will need a Brazilian partner of at least 1%. We are familiar with all methods of purchasing land both as individuals and as company's and can guide you through all aspects of the process. As you will read in the Brazil Background section, Brazil has made great strides in recent years in stabilising its economy, and is now a stable destination for conscientious investment.


Why this leaves Garopaba & Praia do Rosa in a uniquely secure position for investment:

Garopaba, Praia do Rosa and the surrounding bays are in a uniquely secure position, this is due to most of the tourism in the area being either from Argentina,or Brazilian nationals, very often from Porto Allgre. The latter group have a high number of holiday homes in the area which they visit during public holidays and rent out to tourists when they are free as the area is frequented by the south American jet set, a kind of St Tropez of South America. This means is the real estate in the area is currently being bought by wealthy South Americans, and is therefore less affected by the present high Reals price or subsequent fluctuations which can be off-putting to foreign investment.

Our team is committed to sourcing real estate at the very lowest possible prices. So much so some of our investment land has changed hands to secondary buyers at substantially higher prices that it was acquired by us for them

This is best illustrated by the "North View Development". Due to a few European buyers starting to develop and upgrade the area, Brazilian interest has grown and 3 areas out of the 12 purchased have been resold at up to 300% profit within 18 months. It seems European interest in some of the rural areas has alerted the previously uninterested Brazilians to the benefits and beauty of living outside the "city".

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