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    • Abundant crystalline water and stunning river pools.

    • Grants available for maintenance of forests, and carbon credits.

    • Only 3 KM from fantastic beaches.

    • Possible new easy access to town if resident consensus agrees.

    • Natural resources of water, sun and wind to generate energy,
      and potentially sell back to the grid.

    • Stunning views of virgin forest canopy and out to sea.

    • Possible income from banana plantations.

    • Soon to have a retreat with Spa facilities and clientelle (for rental) on the
      adjacent land

Situation and Assets

One of the MAJOR assets of the land is the spring water and it is not only beautiful and abundant, but has also been tested and is crystalline, so the residents can enjoy their drinking water direct from the stream just like ‘the good old days’. There are 4 banana plantations which provide up to 450 KG of bananas monthly which could possibly provide an income to pay for the condominium costs and infra structure. Any natural forest that is left untouched may receive a government grant to protect and maintain the area. Carbon credits can also be traded, which may generate an income towards the maintenance, keeping communal charges low.

The river runs to the bottom of the valley, and then flows down to feed the “Lagoa Garopaba” which supplies many of the households in the area without being processed in any way.  This is another reason to develop conscientiously, as we will be the guardians of the water, and must show that it is possible to live there without polluting it.

There is a way to create access directly to the town of Garopaba (see image 1 in Orientation) which would obviously be more convenient and increase value however initially the access will be through Encantada.  This offers seclusion as the land is essentially a “cul de sac” and there would be no through traffic except for residents.

We are planning to create a small ecological spa lower down on the periphery of the land, which will be an asset to both the area and the residents. It would also create a rental opportunity, as houses can be rented by the spa for self catering clients who want to retreat from city life and have access to the facilities on offer. (Spa document available on request).

Location of Enchanted Valley Project Area

The nearest town is Garopaba, and its closest city is Florianopolis with its international airport, soon to be only a 45 minute drive at most. See the Garopaba Photo Gallery.

Located in Santa Catarina State, Garopaba is currently an 1.5 hr drive from the airport in Florianopolis (the State capital). The main arterial road BR101 is currently being widened from a 2-lane blacktop to a 4-lane motorway, to be finished in 2010; the journey time will be halved, making the area more accessible and more desirable. The Enchanted valley will be within an hour from the airport.

The area itself is about 3 km from the beaches and 20 minutes from the local town of “Garopaba”.  It has been farmed before, thus creating the opportunity for building with minimal disturbance to the lush natural forest, which makes the area pristine and attractive to live in.  The Valley has 12 natural springs, the most abundant source of fresh spring water in the area. These all flow down and join a beautiful river with pools which can easily be naturally expanded for swimming in. 


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