View over the plots at the Enchanted Valley Project
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Enchanted Valley Phase I

This is the newest and most exiting of the Dreamland projects. We are very exited to offer the beautiful land adjoining our own property and areas will be available to buy from November 2011.

Comprised of five 2 hectare areas, "The Enchanted Valley" has been mapped out and each area will have it's own legal deeds and planning agreed. All areas have access and their own natural water supply. In addition to this, each area has its own individual merits and unique assets which will be outlined below. There is a requirement to leave 30% of all rural land for preservation. Environmental specialists are presently studying the best way to do do this so that each of the plots has a connected preservation area, along rivers, roads and valleys, not interfering with building plateaus, but will in effect maintain a wildlife corridor and will help us create a space in which all can flourish.

Local building guidelines dictate 5% of the ground space (1000 m² on on 2 levels) can be built, therefore a total area of 10% or 2000m² for each plot. This does not include areas that are not enclosed or are "non-permanent" ie decking, pools and outhouses. These buildings can be in any format of up to 5 units per 2 hectares, but in order to safeguard this pristine area and nurture it's natural resources - we recommend no more than 3 dwellings per plot.

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PRICING and Descriptions for map above.

1. Is the first plot at the dramatic entrance of the "Enchanted valley" project. it has stunning views and extensive cleared area. There are 3 potential building plateaus with spectacular views, and easy access already created by the existing paths. This plot has as it's boundary the main river, so good potential to create a natural swimming pool.
Under Offer

2. This plot also brushed up to the river so had the potential to create your own private river pool. This plot is has more untouched jungle areas and is certainly more secluded as there are no access routes throughout this plot.

3. Plot 3 has many interesting features and amazing views. The shape of it makes it ideal for 3 separate dwellings as the land in front drops off, leaving an unhindered view south to the sea. At the entrance you will be welcomed by a huge feature rocks, some pristine forest and stunning views.

4. This plot has a natural spring which is a small lake in the middle, and around this there is the possibility to build 2-3 houses, that will be entirely independent.

5. The highest and the most spectacular views, backing on to virgin forest. This plot has a large cleared area and is ideal for one large house with and lawn garden.
R$200,000 Reserved

C. Is the communal area,at just under an acre, it is a space that has been reserved to be enjoyed by everyone of the 5 plots. It is on the edge of the river and has an existing natural pool that is perfect to be enlarged. The idea is to build a communal living space/pool bar that we can all share and a couple of guest rooms attached for visitors.

All of this is to be agreed between all residents once all units are sold, and will be paid for in communal charges. Also to be financed in this way is infra structural development and maintenance. ( Communal area, reserve energy, and main access).


Additional costs

Each individual will share the infra-structural costs, which will be broken down online shortly. For Year 1 & 2 - the estimated cost of roads, essential infra structure and basic communal development will be approximately £3000 per area. Thereafter communal maintenance will be charged at about £400 per annum.

Communal maintenance includes, basic road maintenance, communal areas and pathway clearing, upkeep of all communal property and security.

15% fee for the Dreamland team to execute the deal, this includes:-

- The finding and negotiation of the land.
- Assistance throughout the process (should take 2-3 weeks).
- Topographical map of each area.
- Lawyers’ checks and drawing up of individual inventories and contracts. 
- Management of development and implementation of infrastructure (Main access road,
  communal electricity fencing, initial sensitive clearing of the land, etc during year 1 & 2).

What we are doing is purchasing a diamond in the rough, which means the growth in value not only comes direct to you the buyer, and the rewards are considerably greater compared to pre-developed sites. The project offers not only an amazing place to live/second home, but a rental income and most importantly the opportunity to develop a beautiful and conscientious project. Should you wish to sell, you will also see a substantial return, due to the value increase of the land through the sensitive developments that will occur.

 50 - 100% appreciation is anticipated in year one based on previous projects and comparative land valuations.




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