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Enchanted Valley Phase II.

Be part of the "Sonho Encantada"

The Vision.

The Enchanted Valley project is an opportunity to create a living environment which is non-invasive to the natural environment, while still offering a stylish and comfortable way of life. Situated only 3km from the beach, the Enchanted Valley will be a high-end environmentally sound condominium, situated in a breathtaking natural setting, harnessing and caring for its abundant natural resources. We aim to create a harmonious environment where nature & humans can co exist.

How we will achieve this.

The site will offer a self-sufficient way of living with no compromise in modern standards. The plan is to achieve this by generating our own energy; we have 3 reliable energy sources: wind, sun and hydro. There is plenty of extremely fertile land should the residents choose to grow their own food. The main access road will be put in communally.  Each land owner is then responsible for creating their own driveway and access to their dwelling.

The conditions of sale will be that any construction is done using ecological and bio-architectural techniques and carried out within the regional guidelines which are designed to have minimal environmental impact. All this can be done stylishly and efficiently. There are several methods that lend themselves to the specific characteristics of the valley, and there are experienced professionals in this field to facilitate this.

The idea is to find people who value space and appreciate nature and to buy in areas of 2 hectares or more. Keeping the plots this size or larger will maintain the natural integrity of the area, while also ensuring each resident can maintain their privacy as well as enjoy the security of a community.

Individuals can buy lots of 2 hectares or more which will have their own title deeds. Within the cost of each area is included 2 hectares in the centre for communal use. Communal areas and infrastructure will be created by means of service charges to be divided by all residents to include access, waterfall pool areas, gardens, general maintenance and recycling/ refuse collection.

Once all of the lots are sold and the entire valley will be registered as an “RRPN” which is a private nature reserve. This will not hinder our lives today, but will protect the area from the onslaught of over development in future years. Ensuring we have a pristine legacy for future generations.


INFO on RRPNs - Both of the links below are wonderful examples of success stories achieved through the creation of RRPN's : 


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