View over the plots at the Enchanted Valley Project
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  Dream Land Brazil - Siriu Sand Dunes behind Garapaba, which hosts snad boarding in certain parts.

What We Do :

We help find land or property for foreigners wanting to buy in Brazil, specialising in Santa Catarina. Initially we set up to help our friends get through the buying process; so far we have many happy customers. Very soon we were being approached by others who had heard about us through those friends. Our expertise is both in finding land and helping ensure a secure and satisfying position for those we help. We have a Brazilian legal team, and an official, registered real estate infra-structure within which we operate. Every aspect of buying can be taken care of by the team at Dreamland Brazil, although we will provide a tailor-made service for each enquiry, depending with which stage or stages of the process you may require our involvement.


Identifying the ideal land/ property/ area for each enquiry.

Land search - Finding your “Dreamland”.

Checking any land is viable, has no legal hindrances.

Negotiation of price and payment terms.

Independent checks of the topography and land boundaries to be stated in the contract.

Drawing up of contracts and checking all aspects of the paperwork.

Signing and registration in the local notary.

. Should the land being bought be unregistered then our speciality is checking if there is a safe way to achieve registration of this land, and if so assisting through the registering process. This way of buying has significant financial benefits if it can be established as safe before buying through the lawyers, if so we are available to guide you through this process.

Ethical projects and consultancy:

The Enchanted Valley project is an example of how land can be sold, and safeguarded at the same time, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this philosophy with this project. We are available for consultancy for any such projects and have extensive contacts ranging from perm-a-culture and bio architects to area planners.

Project management:

As someone from the team is always in the area, we are also able to offer a project management and property management service, to oversee your building or property.